The Vernon Film Society, dormant for many years, was re-activated in 1982 by a group of individuals interested in bringing to Vernon alternative films to those being offered at the local theatres. The films were only available to us in 16mm format. The Society screened its films at Okanagan College from 1982 to 1992, at which time it had to reconsider its very existence because of the steadily declining availability of 16mm films.

A move to the Towne theatre in the fall of 1992 proved very successful, with a wider selection of 35mm films. When the theatre closed in the mid 90's the Society entered into an association with the new Famous Players Theatres Polson Place Mall, which was very successful. However it became increasingly difficult for us to obtain any current releases and attendance began to suffer.

In 1999 the Society began its association with The Film Circuit, which grew out of the Toronto International Film Festival. It was established as a pilot project in Northern Ontario in 1992 and introduced to Southern Ontario in 1995. Its goal was to stimulate and satisfy consumer interest in Canadian and alternative, independent film outside Canada's major cities.

Since September 2001, they have held their screenings at the Vernon Towne Cinema.


Upcoming Films


For more information on the Vernon Film Society and their upcoming shows visit their website.